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It was pretty much the worst $41 I have ever spent! Food was charbroiled to a point you couldn't eat it. Every thing was spicy, even though we did ask we were told it wasn't at all. The chicken was so dry, the ribs were burned.

This place sells greasy tough meat!It will make you sick. There is no meat on the ribs,and it has a lot of fat. It is so tough you cannot chew it. I recommend buying a pizza.

Price per barbecue dish and ribs. What time do they close

I do not remember how much lunch cost in this place but it is not expensive, and it is really worth eating there, it is very rich and the people are very friendly!

Do you serve 🍻

Circle J is closed

Have they relocated?

They closed

Are dogs allowed?

Don't think so. But maybe service dogs

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